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130 + Outstanding A Positive Attitude Quotes for Work

130 + Outstanding A Positive Attitude Quotes for Work

How to convert a negative attitude into a positive attitude Quotes we all we know that attitude is the most important thing for our growth and success because of attitude comes through the feed of the flow of the Nile.

 that we have developed one which seed pattern and which flow of the liar would you like to focus on you have multiple different types of possible seed patterns and flow of desires and that is where the attitude is formed you see what is the role of attitude.

positive attitude quote

positive attitude quote
1) "I don't wait for the calendar to figure out when I should live life." --Gene Simmons

2) "Never think of pain or danger or enemies a moment longer than is necessary to fight them. " --Ayn Rand

3) "The hardest thing to explain is glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see. " --Ayn Rand

4) "A man's got to do what a man's got to do." --John Wayne

positive attitude quote
5) "Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it. that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear." --Dale Carnegie

6) "I only go out to get me a fresh appetite for being alone." --Lord Byron

7) "All I can do is be me, whoever that is." --Bob Dylan

8) "I mean, I've always been a libertarian. Leave everybody alone. Let everybody else do what they want. Just stay out of everybody else's hair." --Clint Eastwood

9) "The earth is enjoyed by heroes-this is the unfailing truth. Be a hero. Always say, I have no fear" --Swami Vivekananda

positive attitude quote
10) "There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right. " --Martin Luther King

11) "Just because I managed to do a little something, I don't want anyone back home to think I got the big head." --Elvis Presley

12) "To put everything in balance is good, to put everything in harmony is better." --Victor Hugo

13) "I don't always want my opinion known. What little privacy I have left I'd like to maintain." --Calvin Klein

14) “I am an entrepreneur in the classic mold. No matter what I do - outside of sticking my tongue out - I tend to make money, and quite a bit in non-KISS stuff." --Gene Simmons

15) "Again, you can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life." --Stephen Hawking

positive attitude quote
16) "I don't care if I fall as long as someone else picks up my gun and keeps on shooting." --Che Guevara

17) "Take time to deliberate, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go in. " --Napoleon Bonaparte

18) "Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine." --Nikola Tesla

19) "We must live together as brothers or perish together as fools. " --Martin Luther King

20) "I know where I'm going and I know the truth, and I don't have to be what you want me to be. I'm free to be what I want." --Muhammad Ali

positive attitude quote
21) "Nobody can hurt me without my permission. " --Mahatma Gandhi

22) "The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently." --Friedrich Nietzsche

23) "When you play, play hard; when you work, don't play at all." --Theodore Roosevelt

24) "I accept chaos, I'm not sure whether it accepts me." --Bob Dylan

About Positive Attitude Quotes

About Positive Attitude Quotes
25) "When I got depressed, I watched Bruce Lee movies. I learned everything from Bruce Lee." --Jackie Chan

26) "Rather be dead than cool " --Kurt Cobain

27) "Second place is meaningless. You can't always be first, but you have to believe that you should have been - that you were never beaten - that time just ran out on you." --Vince Lombardi

28) "Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice" --Stephen Hawking

29) "Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world." --Victor Hugo

30) "If you show yourself, you will not be seen. If you affirm yourself, you will not shine. If you boast, you will have no merit. If you promote yourself, you will have no success." --Laozi

31) "Excuse me while I kiss the sky." --Jimi Hendrix

About Positive Attitude Quotes
32) "Whenever anyone has offended me, I try to raise my soul so high that the offense cannot reach it." --Rene Descartes

33) "You face the biggest challenge of all: to have the courage to seek your big dream regardless of what anyone says. You are the only person alive who can see your big picture and even you can't see it all." --Oprah Winfrey

34) "And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor, Shall be lifted -- Nevermore!" --Edgar Allan Poe

35) "Each man must create his own system or else he is a slave to another mans" --Walt Disney

36) "At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done, we will be judged by, I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in." --Mother Teresa

About Positive Attitude Quotes
37) "Whenever I climb I am followed by a dog called 'Ego'." --Friedrich Nietzsche

38) "Somewhere deep down there's a decent man in me, he just can't be found." --Eminem

39) "I don't have nothing to regret at all in the past, except that I might've unintentionally hurt somebody else or something." --Jimi Hendrix

40) "I'm fascinated with myself and love hearing the sound of my own voice. I'd like to hear what I have to say. A lot of people don't like being alone because they truly don't like themselves, but I love me." --Gene Simmons

About Positive Attitude Quotes
41) "A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be." --Albert Einstein

42) "When you're doing something for yourself, or your best friend or family, you're not going to cheese out. If you don't love something, you're not going to go the extra mile, work the extra weekend, challenge the status quo as much." --Stephen Hawking

43) "If a little is great, and a lot is better, then way too much is just about right! " --Mae West

44) "I'm never pleased with anything, I'm a perfectionist, it's part of who I am." --Michael Jackson

45) "It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice." --Deng Xiaoping

46) "To myself, I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me." --Issac Newton

About Positive Attitude Quotes
47) "I cannot discover that anyone knows enough to say definitely what is and what is not possible." --Henry Ford

48) "A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned to walk forward. " --Franklin D. Roosevelt

49) "The power of a man's virtue should not be measured by his special efforts, but by his ordinary doing." --Blaise Pascal

50) "Feel nothing, know nothing, do nothing, have nothing, give up all to God, and say utterly, 'Thy will be done.' We only dream of this bondage. Wake up and let it go." --Sun Tzu

Attitude Quotes for Girls

51) "There are some people you like immediately, some whom you think you might learn to like in the fullness of time, and some that you simply want to push away from you with a sharp stick." --Douglas Adams

52) "I can accept anything, except what seems to be the easiest for most people: the half-way, the almost, the just-about, the in-between. " --Ayn Rand

Attitude Quotes for Girls
53) "Ladies if you want to know the way to my heart... good spelling and good grammar, good punctuation, capitalize only where you are supposed to capitalize, it's done." --John Mayer

54) "If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome." --Michael Jordon

55) "If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month." --Swami Vivekananda

56) "Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image." --Goethe

57) "Champions are made from something they have deep inside of them-a a desire, a dream, a vision." --Mahatma Gandhi

58) "If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts." --Albert Einstein

59) "That which we persist in doing becomes easier to do, not that the nature of the thing has changed but that our power to do has increased." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

60) "All In All Is All We Are " --Kurt Cobain

Attitude Quotes for Girls
61) "Life would be tragic if it weren't funny." --Stephen Hawking

62) "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit. " --Aristotle

63) "I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions." --Stephen Covey

64) "What distinguishes the majority of men from the few is their inability to act according to their beliefs." --John Stuart Mill

65) "How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." --Anne Frank

66) "If I can't make it through one door, I'll go through another door- or I'll make a door. Something terrific will come no matter how dark the present." --Rabindranath Tagore

Attitude Quotes for Girls
67) "If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." --Issac Newton

68) "If you want to be respected by others, the great thing is to respect yourself. Only by that, only by self-respect will you compel others to respect you. " --Fyodor Dostoevsky

69) "No one can have everything, so you have to try for what you want most. " --Mae West

70) "Cheerfulness and contentment are great beautifiers, and are famous preservers of good looks." --Charles Dickens

71) "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. " --Mahatma Gandhi

72) "Believe you can and you're halfway there." --Theodore Roosevelt

Attitude Quotes for Girls
73) "It is not your aptitude but your ATTITUDE that decides your altitude in life." --Zig Ziglar

74) "Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much." --Oscar Wilde

75) "A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything." --Malcolm X

76) "One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself. " 
--Leonardo da Vinci

77) "I know what to do and I go and execute." --Usain Bolt

78) "If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it." --Muhammad Ali

79) "One must marry one's feelings to one's beliefs and ideas. That is probably the only way to achieve a measure of harmony in one's life." --Napoleon Hill

80) "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration has been minding my own business." --Calvin Coolidge

Good Attitude Quotes

Good Attitude Quotes

81) "We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives. " --John F. Kennedy

82) "Innovation! One cannot be forever innovating. I want to create classics " --Coco Chanel

83) "A mature person is one who does not think only in absolutes, who is able to be objective even when deeply stirred emotionally, who has learned that there is both good and bad in all people and in all things, and who walks humbly and deals charitably with the circumstances of life, knowing that in this world no one is all-knowing and therefore all of us need both love and charity." --Eleanor Roosevelt

84) "You can have it all. Just not all at once." --Oprah Winfrey

Good Attitude Quotes
85) "Those who create are rare; those who cannot are numerous. Therefore, the latter is stronger." --Coco Chanel

86) "Many will call me an adventurer - and that I am, only one of a different sort: one of those who risks his skin to prove his platitudes." --Che Guevara

87) "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me. " --Ayn Rand

88) "I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradise. " --Blaise Pascal

89) "Man is only great when he acts from passion." --Benjamin Disraeli

90) "I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine. " --Ayn Rand

91) "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." --Coco Chanel

Good Attitude Quotes

92) "Giving up was never an option " --Lance Armstrong

93) "The best revenge is not to be like your enemy. " --Marcus Aurelius

94) "Once you lose yourself, you have two choices: find the person you used to be or lose that person completely. " --HG Wells

95) "I've always had confidence. It came because I have lots of initiative. I wanted to make something of myself." --Edward Murphy

96) “We crave for new sensations but soon become indifferent to them. The wonders of yesterday are today common occurrences" --Nikola Tesla

97) "You don't have to be famous. You just have to make your mother and father proud of you." --Meryl Streep

98) "I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There's no in-between. People will either love you for it or hate you for it." --Eminem

Positive Thinking Quotes

99) "I believe greatness is an evolutionary process that changes and evolves era to era." --Michael Jordon

Positive Thinking Quotes
100) "The real power of money is the power to give it away." --Narayan Murthy

102) "A cynic is a man who knows the price of everything, and the value of nothing." --Oscar Wilde

103) "I still don't have all the answers. I'm more interested in what I can do next than what I did last." --Charlie Sheen

104) "You ask me what forces me to speak? a strange thing; my conscience." --Victor Hugo

Positive Thinking Quotes
105) "Always first draw fresh breath after outbursts of vanity and complacency." --Franz Kafka

106) "Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service. "--Martin Luther King

107) "My guiding principle is this: Guilt is never to be doubted." --Franz Kafka

108) "Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do doesn't mean it's useless" --Thomas Edison

109) "Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don't do things right once in a while.you do them right all the time." --Vince Lombardi

110) "I have a different constitution. I have a different brain; I have a different heart; I got tiger blood, man." --Charlie Sheen

Positive Thinking Quotes

111) "I believe that every person is born with talent." --Maya Angelou

112) "I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man." --George Washington

113) "Man who waits for roast duck to fly into mouth must wait a very, very long time." --Jules Renard

114) "I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea. " --Fyodor Dostoevsky

115) "It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about." --Dale Carnegie

116) "Fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind." --Dale Carnegie

Positive Thinking Quotes
117) "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade." --Dale Carnegie

118) "I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it." --Clint Eastwood

A Positive Attitude Quote

119) "I have never thought where I will go, or forced any targets on myself." --Sachin Tendulkar

120) "Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare." --Dale Carnegie

A Positive Attitude Quote
121) "He who knows how to flatter also knows how to slander. " --Napoleon Bonaparte

122) "To conceal anything from those to whom I am attached, is not in my nature. I can never close my lips where I have opened my heart." --Charles Dickens

123) "You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think. " --Marianne Williamson

124) "But why should you care what people will say? All you have to do is please yourself. " --Ayn Rand

125) "Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

126) "The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence." --Confucius

A Positive Attitude Quote

127) "I'd like to live as a poor man with lots of money." --Pablo Picasso

128) "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse." --Walt Disney

129) "Better a witty fool than a foolish wit." --William Shakespeare

A Positive Attitude Quote
130) "I'm tired of ignoring that I march to a different beat." --Charlie Sheen

131) "I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That's where the fun is." --Donald Trump

132) "I fail all of the time. It means nothing." --Gene Simmons

133) "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." --Muhammad Ali

A Positive Attitude Quote
134) "I'm addicted to perfection. The problem with my life is I was always also addicted to chaos. Perfect chaos." --Mike Tyson 


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