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90 + Love quotes for him and Happy quotes about him

Love quotes for him
Love quotes for him about, Albert Einstein says When you trip over love it is easy to get up. But when you fall in love, it is impossible to stand again. and Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. Happy quotes about him Mahatma Gandhi says, Whenever you are confronted with an opponent. Conquer him with love.

Love quotes for him
Don't Want A Relation Where
They Look So Cute Together.. !!
I Want A Relation Where People
Look How Happy They Are
Together.. !!

Perfect Love Is Not In Phone
Calls Or In-Text Msgs.
It Is The Silent Smile From
Your Heart,
When You Think Of Your Loved

Whenever U C Love Coming,
Welcome It, Open Ur Arms,
Embrace It & Let It Enter Into U!
People Will Ask Ur U In Love?
Just Say No, Love Is In Me!

It Is Advisable To Over
React Whenever Ur Partner
Is In Trouble. It Is An
Opportunity To Express
Your Love And Solitude To Him.

Love quotes for him
Cute Lines From A Smal Boy
Abt His Luv ♥:)
Evry1 Ask Me Y I Luv Her .. !!
I Stay Quiet Coz If I Tel Dem D
Reason F My Luv Dey'll Start
Luvin Her Too ....: -)

"Love is...Running into his arms, Colliding with his heart, And exploding into his soul!"

Love Is Like A Cigarette..
It Starts With Sparks..
Continue With Burns And Ends With Ashes..
Don't Worry We Are Chain Smokers..!

Loving Someone Who Doesn't
Love U, Is Like Waiting
For A Ship At The
Airport... Right..?

Happy quotes about him

Life Spent With Someone
For A Lifetime May Be Meaningless
But A Few Moments Spent
With Someone Who Really Loves U
Means More Than A Life Itself ..!

"Be Smart With Everyone!!"
Always Be Silly With
Your Dear Ones!!"
It's A Beautiful Secret
For A Lovely Relationship...!

No Matter How Many Gorgeous
Faces, You Set Your Eyes
Upon, If You Already Set,
Your Heart For Someone,
You Will Hardly Notice Anyone.!!

Love quotes for him
I Was Afraid Of Love, I Thought
Love Took Time, Like A Fine
Wine Aging In The Cellar. I
Was Wrong. Love Is There From
The Moment You See That Person,
Embrace It Let It Grow,
Follow Your Heart, Not Your Mind.

Some Time Our Life We Play
With Love But When The Times
Comes N U Finally Realize That
You Want To Get Serious Then
Love Plays With Ur Life.

The Person Who Loves You More,
Will Fight With You Daily
Without Any Reason...
But Whenever You’re Sad
That Person Will Fight With The
World To End Your Sadness.

It's True..
Sometimes You Can Love Someone
More Than You Love Yourself,
You Allow That Person To
Consume Your Whole Heart,
And When They Leave You,
It Feels Like They Took A
Piece Of Your Heart With Them.

Its Love When You
Can't Say No To Him/Her,
Love His Perfection
And Flaws Want To Melt,
Can Only Get Mad At
For 5 Seconds,
Feel Like Your On A
Cloud When You Hug Him/Her,
Hate How Much You Love Him/Her.

The Loveliest Life Is Living
With The Person Who Loves U..
The Loveliest Death Is Dying
In The Arms Of That Person,
Whom U Love..!

If Someone Throws Stone Towards
U, Throw Love Towards Him But,
If Someone Throw Love Towards U,
Then Sit For A While And Think
Love Hurts U More Than Stone.!

Lovely Quote:
Love Unlocks Doors And
Opens Windows, That Weren't
Even There Before..!

First Love, The Love That
Clings To Your Heart Forever,
No Matter How Much Pain It
Has Caused, No Matter How
Many Tears Have Fallen, First
Love Will Never Leave My Soul.

Someone Who Truly Loves U..
Will Never Tell U That They
Love U.. Bcoz,
They Believe In Making U Feel
Their Love.. Rather Than Making
U Hear Their Love..!

Love Isn't A Decision,
It's A Feeling. If We
Could Decide Who To
Love, Then, Life Would
Be Much Simpler, But Then
Less Magical.

Why Is It So Hard To Fall In Love?
Because Sometimes You Fall And
No One Was There To Catch You.
Sometimes You Fall And They Don't
Have Enough Strength To Hold You.
And Sometimes You Fall And
The Wrong Person Catches You.

Don't Compare Your Love Story
To Those You Watch In Movies,
They Written By Script Writers,
Nd Ur's Written By God

In This World, There Is No
Perfect Guy And There Is
No Perfect Girl. But
Only A Less Than Perfect Guy
And A Less Than Perfect Girl
Can Make A Perfect Love.

Touch Her Heart,
Not Her Body;
Steal Her Attention,
Not Her Happiness;
Make Her Smile,
Don't Waste Her Tears.

Why Do Tears Come Rushing
When U Are Ignored By Someone
U Love.. Bcoz,
Its The Only Way Ur Eyes Speak..
When Ur Mouth Cant Explain
How Much U Need Them In Ur Life..!

Happiness with him quotes

Love quotes for him
Short But Awesome Line
Baby, I'll
Hack Your Tears Just Give Me The
Password Of Your Smile ツ

Why It Is So Hard To Fall In
Love.? Bcoz,
Sometimes U Fall And No One
Was There To Catch U..
Sometimes U Fall And They Don't
Have Enough Strength To Hold U..
Sometimes U Fall And The
The wrong Person Catches U..!

A Girl Doesn't Need To Tell
U How She Feels..?
Its All Written In Her Eyez...
If U Can Read Her Silent Eyez...
U Definitely Deserve Her Heart..!

Heart Touching Lines:
U Really Never Live Until
U Find Someone Who Can
Even Die For U..
And, U Never Actually Die
If U Have Someone, Who
Is Living For U..!

Joy Is The Experience Of Knowing,
That U Are Unconditionally Loved..
That Nothing Sickness, Failure,
Emotional Distress, Oppression,
War Or Even Death..
Can Take That Love Away..!

You May Fall In Love With
The Beauty Of SomeOne.
But Remember,
Finally, U Have To Live
The Character,
Not With Beauty...!!

The Day You Fall In Love With
You Think It Is The Happiest Day
Of Your Life, But In Reality You
Become The Weakest Person,
Who Can't Live Without Someone..

We Don't Succeed In Our 1st
Love.. Bcoz,
We Lack Certain Qualities..
After Achieving Those Qualities..
We Never Love Again..!

Hugs R The Best Part In
The Relationships..
No Complaints, No Excuses,
No Explanations.
Just A Hug From Ur Loved
Ones Build U pall The Gaps,
Trust N Love Again.

Love quotes for him
Staying In Love With Someone..
Even If U Know U Cant Be
Together In Future.. Is
Like Standing In Rain... U
Know U Are Going To Be Sick..
Still, U Stand There..
It Feels Great..!

Love Is Emotion...
The Name Of Devotion...
Love Is Blind..
The Fate We Write..
Love Is Fire..
Generate From Desire..
Love Is Dream...
Love Is Hope..
Love Is Passion...
Love Is Fantasy..
Love Is Pain...
But Like A Rain...
Stay With True Love

Actual Definition Of 'Love'
Has Not Been Given And
Will Never Be Given.
It Is Such A Sweet Thing
Which Must Be Experienced
By Two Sweet Hearts.

True Lines:
"Don't Expect A Perfect Love
From Any Of Your Close Ones.
Just Show Them What It Is."

What Is Love?
Those Who Don't Like
It Calls It Responsibility.
Those Who Play With
It Calls It A Game.
Those Who Don't Have
It Calls It A Dream.
Those Who Understand
It Calls It Destiny.
And Me, I Call It You...!

Fact Of Life:
More Often We Fall In Love
With A Person We Can Never
Live With. And Sometimes The
One U Truly Love... Remains
Either A Find Or A Stranger..!

True Lovers
Are Like Upper & Lower Eyelids!
They Often Meet
Because They Miss Each Other
When They Meet.
They Don't See The World Around.

Happy quotes with him

When You Are In a True
No Matter How Much You
Fight or Laugh,
Everything Ends In

Love Doesn't Need
To Be Perfect,
It Just Needs To Be True.

Let Love Fill Ur Heart Instead
Of Hate.. When Hate Is In Ur
Heart, There's No Room For
Anything Else.. But,
When Love Is In Ur Heart,
There's Room For Endless

A Deep Relation Is Not
Valued By The Number Of Days
Of Meeting.....!!!
It's Valued By The Number
Of Seconds of Beating Of
Heart With Desire To Meet...

When You Wait For Someone
For Few Minutes Its Your
Need, For Few Hours Its Your
Trust, For Few Weeks Its
Your Friendship. But To Wait
When You Know The Person
Will Not Come Its Your Love.

Love quotes for him
The Only Guy That Deserves You..
Is The One That Thinks He Doesn't.
The One That'll Stick By Your
Side.. No Matter How Much You
Mess Up And The One Who Will
Forgive You.. Mistake After Mistake.

The Boy Who Really Loves His
Girlfriend Is Not The One
Who Unbuttons Her Shirt..!!!
He’s The One; Who Closes It And Says:
“You Deserve To Be Respected…!!

I Dream About You Every Night
I Shiver When you are In Sight
I Long To Hold You Close N
I Wanna Be There With All
My Might
I M Just Hoping I'm The Boy
Whos Right.

People Say When U Are In
Love.. Everything Seems
Beautiful.. But,
I Say When U Are Truly In
U Can't Find Anything More
Beautiful Than Ur Love..!

Love quotes for him
Love Z Lyk A Lump Of Gold,
Hard To Get Hard To Hold ..
Ll Of D Guys I Av Eva Met ..
U R Da 1 I'll the Neva Get ..
I Do Believe Dat God Abv
Created U 4 Me 2 Luv ..
He Picked U From Ll D Rest ..
Coz He Noh I'd Luv U D Best ..
I Had A Hrt Dat Was 1c True..
Buh Nw Its Gne Frm Me 2 U ..
So Tk Gud Cre Lyk I Av Dne ..
4 Me U 2 Buh I Av None ..

Beautiful Lines For
Loveable Heart:
U Crossed Me Once In My
Life, But Ur
Sweet Memories Crosses
My Eyes Every Second...

Funny Truth:
This Generation Boys And
Girls Get Into Love..
Of Misunderstanding..
And Breakup When They
Understand Each Other..!

Painful Line:
What Does It Matter How
Many Lovers U Have..
If None Of Them Gives
U The Universe..!

A Real Relationship,
Has Fights.
Has Trust.
Has Faith.
Has Tears.
Has Hurt.
Has Sweet Smiles.
Has Genuine Laughter.
Has Snorts Because Of The Laughter.
Has Weird, Stupid, Unnecessary Arguments.
Has Patience.
Has Communication.
It is Where The Man
'N Women Wouldnt Even Think Of
Looking At Someone Else,
Never Keep Anything From Eachother...
Love Them More 'N More Every Day,
Get Jealous 'N Through Every
Argument Still Love Eachother.. ! :)

During Hug~
A Girl's Head Is Always Down
She Considers Her Boy To Be Her
World & Gets Lost
In It . . . While
A Boy's Head Is Always Up
So That
No Other Guy Dares To Look At
His Girl.

Last Word Of True Affection:
I Avoided Many Things
Only For U In My Life..
Don't Ever Make Me Feel
For Why I Left All That..!

Unsaid Words:
Don't Hate Ur Loved Ones For
Their Mistakes..
Who Knows, The Mistake Made
May Be For Ur Happines To
Show Their True Love..!

Some People Choose To Stay
Single.. Simply Because
They Are Tired Of Giving
Everything.. And,
Ending Up With Nothing..!

Remember, By Impressing
People U Can Make Them To
Like U.. But, To Make Them
Love U, The Only Way Is
Showing Truly Who U Are..!

Life Ends When You
Stop Dreaming,
Hope Ends When You
Stop Believing And
Love Ends When You
Stop Caring.
So Dream Hope And Love
Makes Life Beautiful

A True Lover Is One Who
Sees Your First Drop Of Tear
Catches The Second Stops
The Third And Turns The
Fourth Into A Smile :)

The 0ne Who Holds Yur Hand..
Everytııme When You' Need
Is Surely A Boyfrııend/
Gıırlfrııend..! ♥'
A True Love ııS 0ne Who ..
Holds Yur Hand More Tııghtly;;
When You' Say..
"Leave Me Alone"

Best Ever Quote In 'Love'
Some Say 'Always Remember Me'
Some Say 'Never 4get Me' But
I Will Say..
'4get Me If U Really Can!

True Heart Touching Lines:

If I Have To Choose Between
Loving You And Breathing....

I Will Choose My Last Breath
To Say I Love You..!!!

A True Relati0nship Is When.
S0me0ne Hurt's Y0u N Y0u
D0n't Hurt Them Back. They
Sh0ut's At Y0u N Y0u D0n't.
They Ign0re Y0u But Y0u D0n't.
But When They Need Y0u,
Y0u Are Always Wid Them...

When A Boy Calls U Cute,
He Likes Ur Face..
When He Calls U Hot,
He Likes Ur Body..
When He Calls U Beautiful,
He Likes Ur Heart..!

You Told Me To Forget You,
Tell Me How Can I Forget You
When You Are Only One Who
Is In My Mind 'N Heart...
What Will I Remember
When I Forget You.(

A Real Boyfriend Calls
You For Nothing, Texts
You All The Time, Don’t
Wants To See You Cry,
Gets Jealous, Is Over
Protective And Loves You.

The Path That Leads To
Happiness Is So Narrow..
That Two Cannot Walk On It...
Unless They Become One..!

Quotes about true love for him

Love quotes for him
Some People Are So Lucky
Even After Hurting,
They Get So Much Love
Some Are So Unlucky That
Even After Loving So Much,
They Always Get Hurt !!!

Definition Of Sweetest
Both Of Them Know That They Are
In Love With Each Other But Still
Like Being Best Friends :)

The Best Love Definition...
Be This, Be That
Isn't Love...
Be Anything, But Be Mine
Is Love...

Losing The Person U Love Hurts..
Some People Says U Will Get Over
It Easily..
It's Really Tough..
Especially When The One U Loved..
Was The Only One U Ever Loved..!

Romance Is When You Walk
On Streets And Smile..
You Dance Alone In Your Room...
You Wait For Someone's
Call Before Falling Asleep.
You Expect Someone's
Photograph To Be Your Wallpaper
And A Name That Stays
As Your Password Forever.

True Love Is Like A Boy
Playing Carrom... Always
Afraid Of Losing His Queen...
A Girl Playing Chess..
Risking Everything Just To
Protect Her King..!

If You Really, Truly Love
Someone, You Can't Stay
Mad At Them Forever. As
Much As You Want To Hate
Them For What They've Done,
Your Heart Won't Let You.

True Love Isn't Measured
By Minutes Being Together.
It Is Measured By The Smiles,
Laughs, And Tears Shared

Love Is Not A Collection Of
Message.. It Is Selection
Of Hearts.. All Lovers Are
Not True.. True Lovers
Are Very Few..!

If U Stand In Front Of A
Mirror With 11 Roses,
U'll See 12 Of The Most
Beautiful Things In The
World While In Love, The
Hard Times Will Surely Call,
N No Lover Is Without Their Flaw.
U Must Have Rain 2 See The Rainbows.

When U Wait For Someone For
Few Minutes It Ur Need..
For Few Hours Its Ur Trust...
For Few Weeks Its Ur Friendship...
To Wait When U Know The Person
Will Not Come Its Ur Love..!

There Is No Sweeter Torture,
Than Making Someone Believe..
That U Don't Love Them, When
U Actually Love Them A Lot..!

If U Love And Care Someone..
Don't Ever Lose A Grip On
That Person... Bcoz
U Never Know, The One U Let
Go Might Be The One..
U Have Waited For All Ur Life..!

Love And Forgiveness Cannot
Be Separated..
To Truly Love U Must Forgive..
To Truly Forgive U Must Love..!

Some People Are So Lucky That
Even After Hurting.. They Get So
Much Of Love. Many Are So
Unlucky That Even After Loving So
Much.. They Only Get Hurt..!!

Love quotes for him
Never talk about feelings,
if they are not really there
Never hold my hand,
if you going to break my heart
Never say you are going to,
if you don't plan to start
Never look in my eyes,
if all you do is lie
Never say hello,
if you really mean goodbye.

Short But True Slogan:
"If U Love Truly
U Will Die Daily..
If U Flirt Nicely
U Will Enjoy Daily..!"

Distance Is A Test Of
Love.. Many Will Fail..
Those Who Can't Withstand
For Those Who Can Stay
There's Only One Answer...
True Love

A Loved One Is Not The
Person Who Understands Ur
Happiness.. But, Is The
Person Who Can Guess Ur
Sadness Before Ur Eyes Feel!

When Time Comes For U To
Give Ur Heart To Someone,
Make Sure U Select Someone
Who Will Never Break Ur
Heart, Cuz Broken Hearts
Has Never Spare Parts..

Painful Reality
If Y0u Flirt Nicely,
Y0u Will Enj0y Daily.
But If Y0u L0ve Truly
Y0u Will Die Daily.

When My Heart Flutters
And Skips A Beat,
When My Face Turns Warm,
And My Cheeks Turn Red,
When I Can't Think, Cant Speak,
Cant Breath I Know Your Near.

Nice Quote:
"When U Are Insecure About
Person U Love,
U Lose The Frnd In Them..
When U Are Insecure About
Losing Ur Friend,
U Fall In Love With Them..!"

Very True Saying:
It Is Not Important That
How Much U Luv A Person.
The Important Is That
How Long U Luv That Person
With Same Feelings..!

Love sweet quotes for him

Excellent Words:
Love Is That Beautiful
Forest.. Where Brave Tigers
Are Killed By The Attractive
Eyes Of Beautiful Deers..!

Love Is Never Planned.
It Does Not Happen For A Reason.
But When Love Is Real,
It Becomes Your Plan For Life
And Your Reason For Living.

Love quotes for him
If U Find Urself In Love
Wid Sum1
Who Doesn't Love, You
Be Gentle Wid Urself
There Iz Nothing Wr0ng Wid U.
Love Just, Didn't Cho0se
To Rest, In The Other
Person's Heart...

What's The Difference Between
"Like & Love"

When You Like A Flower, 

U Just Pluck It..!



When You Love A Flower,

U Water It Daily....!!

She Gave Me Lots Of Love,
I Thought That’s Enough..!
She Took Me As God Gifted,
I Took Her For Granted,
Coz Of My Ego..!
I Asked Her To Leave;
She Asked Me Why ??
I Said:
Don't Love You Any More..!
I Didn't Know Her Value;
When She Was Around..
'N When I Realized Her Value;
She Was Under The Ground..!
So Respect The Feelings;
Of The Person Who Loves You.

Find Someone Who Is Proud
To Have You.. Scared To
Lose You.. Fight For You..
Appreciates You..
Respects You.. Care For
You And Loves You..

Enjoy The Shower Of
Possessiveness Poured On
U By Ur Loved Ones..
Bcoz, In This World Of Lie,
It Is A Golden
Gift To Be Loved Truly..!

Great Lines:
Go For Someone Who Is
Not Only Proud To Have U..
But, Will Take Every Risk
Just To Be With U..!

Real Love Iz Not Based Upon
Romance Candle Light Dinner
And Walk Along Beach
In fact, Itz Based On Care
Compromise Respect And Trust


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