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Sayings Love Quotes For Him Romantic

Sayings Love Quotes For Him

Marianne Williamson says on Sayings Love Quotes For Him When infants aren't held, they can become sick, even die. It's universally accepted that children need love, but at what age are people supposed to stop needing it? We never do. We need love in order to live happily, as much as we need oxygen in order to live at all. 

And Mother Teresa says this about love sayings Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired. Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.

Short love sayings for him

1) A Love That We Can't Have, Is The One That Lasts The Longest... Hurts The Deepest And The Relationship Feels The Strongest..!

2) Love Is Timeless, It's Memories Of Yesterday, The Happiness Of Today And The Promise Of Tomorrow.

3) Loving Is Not How U Forget... But How U Forgive... Not How U Listen But How U Understand... Not How U See But How U Feel... And Not How U Let Go But How U Hold On..!

4) Love Is Something That Two People Work On And Make It Better And Better Each Day, You Never Give Up On That Person You Love.

5) Love Is Not To Say, But To Understand. Love Is Not To Show, But To Feel Inside. Love Is Not To Find Faults, But To Make The Best. Love Is Not To Demand, But To Sacrifice. Love Is Not To Hurt, But To Take Care Of. Love Is Not Blind, But It Doesn't Need To See...

6) When Two Hearts Are Meant To Be Together... No Matter How Long It Takes... No Matter How Far They Go... No Matter How Tough It Seems... Love Will Bring Them Together To Share A Life Forever..!!

7) What Is Love...? A Little Girl Said: When I Went In Classroom Without Wearing My Tie... He Saw Me And Removed His Tie And Kept In His Pocket... So Both Will Get Punishment

8) First Love Is Important But Last Love Is Very Important. B'coz, First Love Changes The Nature And Last Love Changes The Life...

9) The Day U Fall In Love With Someone, U Think Is The Happiest Day Of Ur Life, But In Actual U Become The Weakest Person, Who Can't Live Without What Someone..!

10) Awesome Line By True Lover: She Is Not The Only Girl In The Universe... But, She Is The Only One That Matters..!

11) Love Is Peace And Permanence, Love Is Life And Death, Knowledge Is The Rising Question, Love Is The Hidden Answer.

12) Awesome Reality: Best Friends Never Propose Each Other...! But They Really Feel Bad When One Gets Committed To Some Other
Sayings Love Quotes For Him
13) Love Is All Of Those Wonderful Feelings For Another Person That Can Not Be Described By Words, Only By Actions.

14) It`s Not That Physical Attraction That Makes You Love A Person... It`s Actually The Magical Connection Between Your Heart & Her Heart.

15) Rithmetic Of Love: 1 + 1 = Everything, And 2 – 1 = Nothing

16) Love Is Never Finding A Hand That Perfectly Fits Urs... It Is Finding The One Who Is Willing To Hold Ur Hands... No Matter How Unfit It May Be..!

17) People Who Respect Love Never Get Their Loved One & People Who Think Love Is A Time Pass Get True Love But they Don't Respect It.

18) Luv Meanz To See Someone With Closed Eyez, To Miss Some1 In Crowd, 2 Find Some1 In Every Thought, To Live 4 Some1, Luv Some1, But Sure That Sum1 Is Only One!!

19) You Know What Hurts the Most?? The Fact That I Can't Say, I Lost You.

I love you sayings for him

20) Saying From A Broken Heart I Will Continue My Love Even If My Love Fails Coz, How Wud I Hate D Heart With Made Me 2 Love More Then My Life.

21) I Use To Think Love Wasn't Gonna Be Hard To Find... But, In Today's Society Finding True Love Is So Hard With Liars And Cheaters Around..!
Sayings Love Quotes For Him
22) Great Lines:- No One Ever Gets Tired Of Loving... But, Everyone Gets Tired Of Waiting... Assuming, Hearing Lies, Saying Sorry, And Hurting..!

23) If Someone Waits For U... It Doesn't Mean That... They Have Nothing Else To Do... It Just Means... That Nothing Else Is... More Important Than U...

24) Love Is Like A Gift... Receive It, Open It And Appreciate It... If U Haven't Received It Yet, Do Not Worry... Someone Somewhere Is Wrapping It For U..!

25) Most Relationships Tend To Fail... Not Because Of The Absence Of Love. Love Is Always Present. It's Just That One Was Being Loved Too Much And The Other Wasn't Being Loved Enough..!!!

26) Perfect Love Is Not In Phone Calls Or In-Text Msgs... It Is The Silent Smile From Ur Heart When U Think Of Ur Loved Ones..!

27) If U R In Luv, Accept It, Respect It & Enjoy It. But If U R Not, Then Don't Worry Coz, Someone, Somewhere Must Be Wrapping Up So Much Luv For U.

28) ♥♥♥ Love Is A Precious Thing It Is A Feeling That Makes Your Heart Sing... Whether You Are Far Or Near It Is Like Whispering In My Ear... When You Find True Love It Is Something You Keep Within Your Heart ♥♥♥

29) Share This Sms Difference Between A Friend 'N Lover:- You Can Tell Your Friend "You Are My Best Friend" But Do You Have Courage To Tell Your Lover "You Are My Best Lover"? Trying Is Injurious..!

30) Love Is Not Having Someone Give You The World... Love Is Creating A Whole New World Together..!!

31) The Most Touching Lines Written By A Man To His Love. Ever U Miss Me, Never You Cry. For A Drop Of Tear In Your Eyes, Is A Day Less In My Life

32) Love Isn't Finding The Perfect Person, It Is Finding The Imperfect Person And Seeing How They Are Perfect..!

33) "U Married A Girl Elder Than U, Why?" He Showed Him A Calendar N Said "A Week Has 7 Days; Can U Say Which Day Is Younger, Either Sunday Or Saturday ?? So, Love Comes From Heart Not In Age" Love Has No Age.

34) A Girl Takes Too Much Time To Love And Few Seconds To Hate... But A Boy Takes Few Seconds To Love Too Much Time To Hate.
Sayings Love Quotes For Him
35) When You Are Hurt By The Person Who Is Close To You, Do Fight With Him Because Sometimes Fight Saves Relation But Being Quiet Just Increases Gaps..!!!

36) Anyone Can Love A Rose But It Takes A Great Deal To Love A Leaf. Never Love Who Is Beautiful But Love The One Who Can Make Ur Life Beautiful

37) Love And Rain Both Are Same Some Way... They Both Gives Our Life True Joy... But, The Basic Difference Is That Rain Wets Our Body... And, Love Wets Our Eyes..!

38) Loving Someone Deeply Is Like Trying To Touch A Star... If U Can't Touch, Keep Trying... If Ur Love Is True, One Day The Star Will Fall On Earth For U..!

39) A Real Man Doesn't Love Million Girls, He Loves One Girl In Million Ways.

40) тѕ тrυly aweѕoмe wнen υ r υnaвle тo eхpreѕѕ υr love and υr вeloved υnderѕтand ιт вy ѕeeιng aт υr eyeѕ:: ♥ ::

41) Love Has Its Ups And Downs, Its Twists And Turns. Love Leaves You Pain, Teaches U Until You Learn And Even If Love Takes So Long, It Always Takes You To Where You Belong..!!! Strange But True...!!!
Sayings Love Quotes For Him
42) Love Gives Joy To Lucky People... But, To Unlucky, Every Relationship Give Pain In Return For Love..!

43) What Is Love . . . ?? Don't Ask The Person Who Love's Someone, But Ask The Person Who Has Lost Someone, They Can Only Feel True Love .!!

44) It Is Better To Find Love Once And Lose It... Than Not Finding It In Ur Entire Life..!

45) I'm Not Saying That I'm In Love I'm Just Saying That Lately, She's All I Think About

46) If You Love Someone, Be Brave Enough To Tell Them, Otherwise, Be Brave Enough To Watch Them Be Loved By Someone Else.

47) Love Is Not How Long You’ve Been Together Not How Much You’ve Given Or Receive Not How Many Times You’ve Helped Each Other Its How You Value Each Other.

48) Most Romantic Words By A Lover: "Should I Love God More Than U... As He Showed U To Me..? Or... Should I Love U More Than God... As U Showed Me What God Is..?"

49) Big Truth: The More U Try To Hate A Person, More U Love Them... And, More U Go Away From A Person, More Ur Heart Goes Near Them..!

50) U Never Get A Person Of Ur Type In This World... U Will Either Have To Adjust Or U Will Have To Compromise... U Adjust When Someone Wants To Be With U.. U Compromise When U Want To Be With Someone..!

51) Once You Fall In Love, You Will Never Be The Same. . . Love Is Never-ending, Love Is Never Wrong, Love Can Make You Weak, Love Can Make You Strong. . . Love Is More Than Words, Love Is More Than Giving, Love Can Make You Cry, Love, Can Make You Sing. . . Love Is Always True, Love Is Always kind, Love Is Something That Happens, Not Something That You Find. . . Love Is A Feeling, That Grows Within Your Heart, Love Has The Power, To Tear your World Apart...♥

52) Love Is What I See In, Your Smile Every Day. Love Is What I Feel In, Every Touch You Give. Love Is What I Hear In, Every Word You Say. Love Is What We Share Every Day We Live.

53) I Deserve To Be Happy Not In The Arms Of Someone Who Keeps Me Waiting... But In The Arms Of The One Who Will.. Take Me Now Love Me Forever Leave Me Never.
Sayings Love Quotes For Him
54) Attraction Is Temporary Love... But, Love Is The Permanent Attraction... Just A Game Of Words... But, Make A Lot Of Difference In Life..!

55) Love IS Not Only Made For Those People Who Love Each Other But It Is Also Made For Those Friends. Who Understand Each Other More Than LOVERS.!

gifts that say I love you for him

56) Silent Love Does Not Have Words It Has Its Own Language, Which Can Only Be Heard By The Person We Love...!!

57) If You Love Someone, Tell Them. Because Hearts Are Often Broken By Words Left Unspoken ♥

58) The Real Lover Is The Man Who Can Thrill You By Kissing Your Forehead Or Smiling Into Your Eyes Or Just Staring Into Space.

59) Distance Can Be Measured, Love Cannot. Love Wil Therefore Always, Always Overcome Distance..!

60) A Man Asked God: Why Did U Made Woman So Cute? God Said: So U Can Love Her... Man Asks: But God Y Did U Made Her So Stupid? God Says: So She Can Love U Too.

61) We Never Know Why We Like Someone More Than Others .. Why We Love Someone Without Any Reason. Why We Feel Happy Thinking About Their Presence .. Because,, Some Feelings Has No Explanation Or Definition ..!

62) Never Fall In L0ve With Someone Who Can Make Your Life Beautiful... Its Seems Selfish Love, Always Fall In Luv With Somone Whos Life May Be More Beautiful Wit Your Love.
Sayings Love Quotes For Him
63) To Die In Love For Someone Is Not The Big Thing, To Live With That Pain With Smile Forever Is The Great Real Achievement.

64) Two Hearts Make Love, Many Hearts Try To Break That Love, But Making Or Breaking Depends On The Level Which That Two Hearts, Beats 4 Each Other...

65) Attachment Is When U Want Something In Return... Love Is When U Do Not Want Anything In Return... So True Love Is Rare..!

66) When Two Confused People Come Together They Call It Love... And, When They Fully Understand Each Other They Call It Break Up...!

67) Keeping Someone In Our Heart Is Very Easy, But, To Be In Someone's Heart Is Very Difficult. So'' respect'' The Heart Which "Cares" Abt U!!

68) My Life, My Love And Everything Of Mine Is You, Including My Heart Which I Have Given You, Please Keep It Safe Like I Have Done, 'Coz You Have Two And I Have None.

69) U Want N U Get, That Is Luck, U Want N U Wait, That Is Time, U Want But U Compromise, That Is Life, And U Want From Deeply Heart But U Sacrifice, That's Love,

70) Heart Is The Greatest Cheater In This World... Because It Makes Thousand Of Different Excuses To Stay In Touch With The Person You Love.


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